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Wiring Connections

Telephone Systems

We offer telephone system solutions for commercial facilities. Our technicians will schedule an appointment to review your service requirements prior to researching and proposing telephone system/service solutions. We will work closely with you to identify, acquire, install, and support your telephone equipment needs. We also offer RF Connectivity. Our company's goal is to keep our customers and vendors communicating effectively.

Man Working Man Wiring a Facility

Consider the Environment

We have found that many Network Managers are overwhelmed with the amount of their infrastructure and their being able to guarantee quality performance as well. Voice and data communications have undergone major transformations over the past decade. Voice and data cabling has become more than media that transport signals. Oftentimes the carrier will drop the Telecommunications services off in the Main Telecommunication Room (MTR) and leave the cable distribution up to the user to move to the correct location.

Earth & Digital Technology

Needs Assessment and Planning

KSC Consultant Services can answer those questions by providing a complete assessment of your telecommunications needs. KSC Consultant Services will make certain that all recommendations are compliant with your unique operation and future plans. The result of this assessment will enable the client to clearly determine their technology direction, whether it might be to optimize existing systems or conduct a complete replacement of current systems with more productive infrastructure and technology.

The results of a complete needs analysis will allow your organization to make sound decisions, not the future of your present telecommunications infrastructure and systems, as well as allow for strategic planning into the future.