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About KSC Consultant Services LLC, Telecommunication Experts

In 2004, after 30 plus years of serving the private and government sectors which address telecommunication issues, KSC Consultant Services LLC was formed. The need for customers and vendors to clearly understand and fulfill their respective responsibilities was the impetus behind the formation.

Companies are discovering that telecommunication services are costing more than their initial budget allocations. To manage this situation and improve their return companies have engaged KSC Consultant Services LLC for support in the telecommunication field. Our professional and experienced consultants handle every detail of telecommunication needs. Telecommunication is our business.

During our 30+ years in the telephony business, we have developed and refined a system that is unmatched in producing noteworthy results. We are a small female/minority owned company with over 60 years of combined voice and data experience including identifying negotiating, acquiring, installing, and supporting all aspects of telephony.

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